This is ME:

My name is Jeff and I enjoy the Great Outdoors. I love to fish and have been doing it most of my life. I have made over 25 trips to Ontario to fish as well as several other destinations.

Currently I reside in Oklahoma and fish the lakes and streams on a regular basis. The past few years I’ve rekindled my interest in fly fishing as well as using spinning gear while wading streams. I prefer to fish “off the beaten path” and do lots of research to find somewhat remote spots.

Please do not be upset if I don’t reveal locations. If you recognize them then you know why! Also, you will routinely see me doing stream clean-ups EVERYTIME I’m out fishing. I could rant on and on about the conditions of some of our local waters and live by the mantra of “leave it cleaner than how you found it.” A great way to recycle a plastic bag is to fill it with trash on your way out. Just sayin

Stay safe and go fishing! -Jeff

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