New Reel Arrived: The Daiwa Presso LTD 1025!

I have been looking for one of these for quite some time and happened to luck onto one. This is my first true “Made in Japan” spinning reel and I have to say…it’s NICE! Stunning in fact. From what I understand, this is Daiwa’s Flagship Trout Reel.

It has a 4.8:1 retrieve ratio, 12+1 ball bearings, Zaion frame and weighs 155g or 5.5oz. It will hold 90m of 3lb mono line. And it shows 2kg or about 4lb of drag.

Now I’m left waiting for the rod I chose to pair up with this reel to arrive. It should be equally as stunning! We have a major cold front moving in which will drop the temperature significantly. Today is Friday, Feb 5th and its 62F. Next week will be in the teens!

As they say around here…”if you don’t like the weather, wait around a bit and it’ll change.”

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