The Dichotomy of Fishing…

di-chot-o-my —n. A division into two contrasting things or parts.

That pretty much sums up fishing!

We go fishing to relax yet end up working our tails off. We go fishing to catch a bunch only to end up getting skunked. We gear up to go catch a trophy and only catch dinks. We praise the Heaven’s when we catch a stump donkey yet turn right around and curse Creation when a tail-walker spits the hook. THAT’S the reality of fishing…period.

I think the only way we balance “the equation” is by holding onto our sense of humor. If you fish with me you’ll hear a lot of laughter…and cursing…but mostly laughter. If we look at the difference between brain sizes of fish compared to humans it truly is comical. But how many times has “pea brain” handed you your ego? So laugh…its OK to laugh. It sure beats crying! Or getting the dreaded “middle fin!”

I go fishing with ZERO expectations. I just roll with it and see what things look like at the end of the day. It makes things a lot easier on me. Try it

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