Right or Left?

Let’s get this out of the way right now. All rights to this advert belong to Redington. I pulled it off the web and I must say…it’s the best damn advert I’ve ever seen! As a “tip of the hat” to them…I bought some Redington gear.

So anyway, back to the debate. Right or Left? And I’m referring to reel retrieval and whether its correct to reel with the left hand. According to my Dad “I’m doing it wrong.” According to another fishing buddy…”looks like you’ve got polio or sumthin.”

So what’s the big deal? ALL of my spinning reels are set up to be left-handed. (NOTE: the above mentioned experts have their spinning reels set up just like mine) The problem comes when I pull out my baitcasters, they’re left-handers. Talk about turning heads!

To me it makes complete sense! I cast with my right arm and retrieve with my left hand. Simple enough. But that’s NOT how you do it! What you HAVE to do is cast with your right arm, switch the rod to your left hand and reel with your right hand. To me it’s inefficient. Why add an extra step to the process???

In truth I believe it boils down to Day One. How you’re taught with what’s handed to you. It’s part of the human genome to “figure it out and make it work.” ME? I just bought a left-handed reel and started casting. My Dad never realized that the Zebco 33 he bought me was a LEFTY! I was completely dumbfounded and uncoordinated when he handed me anything else. If you want to demonstrate a bird’s nest, just hand me a right-handed baitcaster. But hey…I could troll with the best of them.

So…I’m more efficient by eliminating a step, just as accurate, just as capable of catching fish and as a bonus…nobody asks to borrow my rod! Who’s doing it wrong???

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