Lest You Think I’m a Drunk…

I know I’ve written two, maybe three, posts mentioning Whiskey…but I will confess, I’ve never bought or owned a Whiskey bottle in my life! But I have no qualms about partaking of someone else’s bottle if it suits me!

I do partake in adult beverages on occasion but the timing has to be right. Something memorable has to be happening or the “ambience” has to be perfect.

Wine? Not really my thing unless I’m dressed up and feeling “hoity toity” as my Dad says. Beer? Meh. I’m too picky. It has to be a dark beer for sure. The lightest I’ll go is a Newcastle or Murphy’s.

Now Rum on the other hand…that’s a different story. I don’t mind sipping Rum every once in a while. In fact, my co-worker skipped town before the ice storm and is safely ensconced on a beach down in Key West! Bastard. I sent a text to him asking for him to bring me back a bottle of Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum…we shall see if he redeems himself.

But seriously, he was going to be back tomorrow but I told him that he should stay put until this weather clears. He’s a great guy…even if he thinks I look like a polio patient while casting my “lefty.”

In short…I don’t drink much and have witnesses to prove it. Cheers!

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