Ice Fishing?

Here in Oklahoma we’ve been socked in by ice and cold temperatures. I realize that temperature is relative…my Dad is currently sitting at -27F while I’m sitting at 10F. Oklahoma has a miserable, damp cold that makes it seem worse than it really is. I much prefer the dry cold my Dad has.

All of the ponds that I have driven past have been frozen over, but not long enough to actually ice fish. I enjoy ice fishing, I’ve done it in New York, Illinois and Nebraska…its a hoot to be sure. It definitely gets a guy to wondering if its possible though. We’ve had below freezing temps for 9 days straight and according to the weather forecast we will continue the trend for a week or more. It will drop to -8F this Sunday. And that’s COLD for Northeastern Oklahoma.

Maybe I’ll grab a bucket and give it a shot…then again, maybe I’ll just sit by the fire and stay warm. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe I’m just desperate to go fishing?

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