She’s Still Waiting…

And I’m still “poking the bear”, but I feel her pain.

FedEx is blaming it on the “weather” of course. So I’ll let the readers decide. Feb 16th Delivery Date.

-Feb 12 2:43PM SANO-SHI JP Picked Up

-Feb 12 5:27PM SANO-SHI JP Left FedEx Facility

-Feb 13 1:46AM NARITA-SHI JP At Local FedEx Facility

-Feb 13 945PM NARITA-SHI JP In Transit

-Feb 13 11:45AM ANCHORAGE AK Arrived at FedEx Facility

-Feb 13 2:35PM ANCHORAGE AK Intl Shipment Release

-Feb 13 10:17PM ANCHORAGE AK Departed FedEx Facility

-Feb 14 8:36AM MEMPHIS TN Arrived at FedEx Facility

-Feb 14 5:19PM MEMPHIS TN Departed FedEx Facility

-Feb 15 1:40AM TULSA OK At Destination Sort Facility

-Feb 15 8:11AM TULSA OK At Local FedEx Facility

-Feb 15 8:11AM TULSA OK Delivery Exception, Not Attempted

-Feb 15 8:21AM TULSA OK At Local FedEx Facility

-Feb 18 3:39AM MEMPHIS TN In Transit?????????????

-Feb 18 8:19AM TULSA OK On FedEx Vehicle/Delivery?????

This is what we have been dealing with. I especially like the MEMPHIS TN to TULSA OK then 3 days later it goes back to MEMPHIS TN then back to TULSA! It’s not the end of the World or anything, but when you pay for delivery…they need to deliver. Like I said before, I’m out there driving the same roads they are.

May you have better luck!

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