Quick Outing on Memorial Day 2021…

It is a typical Oklahoma Memorial Day…it’s raining! The forecast called for a front to move through this morning so we decided to hit the lake early. With overcast skies, wind and the smell of rain…we fished hard for about an hour and half before the rains came. All told, we caught 11 Largemouth bass and 1 Crappie.

All of the bass we caught were healthy
Our nemesis! Floating mats of grass are all over the lake.

It felt good to get out. It has been about 2 weeks and with getting all of the chores caught up (which we couldn’t do because of rain) we were desperately trying to squeeze some fishing time in.

We do have a trip coming up and we’ve been sorting gear and getting things organized. We’ve been modifying the Subaru to increase its capability. The Subaru Forester will never be a 4-wheel drive vehicle so the best we can do is rigging it for “soft roading.” If we’re not fishing, we are either thinking about it or gearing up to go. Have a great Memorial Day!

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