Lee Creek @ Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas…

We had seen Lee Creek in previous visits to this park but had never fished it. We were wondering if the Velox could be found here. Velox=Neosho Strain Smallmouth Bass. In previous posts I covered some of the habitat and trials and tribulations this species of fish endures.

Armed with our Majorcraft Finetail Trekking and Travel Switch Style 5-pc rods and 1000 size spinning reels, we stepped off into the creek to find out.

After catching numerous perch, we each were able to hook our first Arkansas Velox!

Our first evening foray was productive! In spite of full sun and 90+F heat, we managed to land 21 fish. Although none of them were big, it was a lot of fun.


As you can see, this creek is small and narrow in sections but it does have a few pools.

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