It Still Surprises Me…

I have a natural inclination to observe things. And I find it fascinating to watch wildlife. I’m 50 years old, yet still find wonderment in seeing a deer or a fish or bird, or anything really. And I’ve seen thousands of deer.

As I was in the middle of the river fishing, I kept hearing subtle noises coming from the bank behind me. I would peek over my shoulder every once in awhile to try and locate the source. Once I spotted the deer as she quietly browsed on the shoreline foliage, I stopped fishing and perched myself on top of a rock and just watched.

I observed how she was moving, what she was feeding on and how alert she was. No doubt she knew I was there, but still, I dared not move. I was in awe and quite content to just watch. Her mannerisms hinted at wariness, as well it should. I was no threat to her but I’m sure she had a Ph.D in human behavior and was ready to bolt to safety in an instant.

All told, I probably sat there for 10 minutes just watching. Eventually her path took her around the bend in the river. I stood up, stretched and continued fishing. Happy and thankful for the encounter…

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