This post will be a rant and might get somewhat political. So if this isn’t your thing then I would suggest skipping this blog post. Furthermore, I will be writing specifically about the United States since that’s where I live.

What happened to GRATITUDE? America is a great nation and while it does have quite a few problems, it’s still a pretty good place to live. I don’t see many American flags flying like I used to. Why is that? The flag represents We The People…NOT the US Government! If the government had a flag it would be the scrolling US Debt Clock or a $100 dollar bill.

Why can’t we be grateful for what we have, what we can be or any other multitude of ideas or concepts?

I’m just a humble outdoors guy, I’m quite apolitical but versed in what’s going on. I am a registered Independent because I’d rather use facts and critical thinking to decide my stance. It makes me sick that there is no dialogue in America anymore. What little that occurs is heavily censored. That’s NOT the America I know and grew up in and served. Free speech is under attack…that is a fact! Notice I didn’t say anything about hate speech…that should be handled, but when there is only one side allowed to speak and the rest get censored, demonetized, deplatformed or cancelled…we have a major problem. Healthy debate is good for a Nation. They still teach debate in schools for a reason. Yet our leaders do not really debate, they rule by fiat or dictate. The “my way or the highway” mentality is childish.

What can I do to help fix the problem…speak out! I’m not afraid to speak out against wrongs and have many times. Will it make a difference…probably not. But I DID SOMETHING.

I get tired of social media companies promising transparency yet hiding behind the AI program they created. The Terms of Use that essentially says, “whatever we deem to be negative” when they purposely write the “Terms” to be a little ambiguous. Or worse…one company does it just because another company does.

I have stated this a gazillion times…I don’t care what color, creed, race, religion, gender, sexual preference etc etc etc…I value your opinion. I value you as an individual. I value you as a countryperson. My mentor and best friend is at the polar opposite from me in regards to the political system. Yet we talk and debate often, the end result being that we realize we are not really that far apart. That the issues we discuss COULD be solved by working together. It’s not that hard-we just have to engage in dialogue.

TRAVEL….please travel around the world as much as you can! You WILL be grateful for what you have. You WILL be grateful for the people you meet. You WILL be grateful for the different cultures you encounter.

I would have even more Gratitude if our leaders began to work together to solve the issues at hand. They work for US…We The People. They NEED to be held accountable for the job we elect and pay them to do.

And with the current political slant, I’m not seeing much in the way of facts. And the last wasn’t any better. Postmodernism is a sham. Neomarxism is a scam. We all know that Capitalism is doomed to failure. I see a lot of people pointing out faults yet offering no solutions. Yes, this system is complex and the issues are more complex. That’s where dialogue comes into play. That’s where debate becomes necessary. What if we started with GRATITUDE for what we have and are as a Nation and worked upwards from there?

End of Rant…LOVE TO ALL

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