Bought a Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera…

Full admission on my part-I am not a photographer! But I have been tempted for a couple of years to move up to a full fledged DSLR camera. GoPro’s have their niche as do cell phones…but I wanted to take it to the next level.

I opted for this camera since I am a beginner and this camera is marketed as such. After several decades of taking mediocre pictures I was about to give up on the subject entirely, but decided to dip a toe into the camera pool. The Canon T7 isn’t a high-end camera but it gets good reviews so I bought it this morning.

I have NOT read the manual yet, but will soon. I did however watch a few YouTube videos to get a basic understanding of how to operate it. I opted not to use the Auto features and went straight to manual operation. I have much to learn grasshopper!

Anyway, I grabbed the camera, inserted the battery and an SD card and went looking for things to photograph…enjoy the gallery

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