First Bass of 2022…

I decided to try and go fishing again this morning. With the wife helping me, we adjusted the wrap on my left elbow to make it more comfortable. There were 2 pieces of wadded up gauze that were rubbing against my sutures. The impetus to go was the weather. High temperatures today were forecast for 65F but windy. A cold front is rapidly approaching and we will get snow tomorrow. It was now or never.

The lake was down quite a bit.

It started sprinkling after I had been fishing for 20 minutes and the wind picked up. Forecasts called for 10-20mph winds with gusts up to 30mph. I decided to pick up trash and wait for the gusts to die down a bit before continuing.

4 bags to start with. Ended up filling 8 bags before I left.
I opted for my ultralight setup this morning. Shimano Soare Ci4+ 500 and a Major Craft Finetail Works Tune Area Spec FTA-582UL.
More discarded fishing line picked up.
A few lures that I found.

It was a short outing but fun and productive. The bass was small but fought well while using the ultralight setup. I’m not looking forward to the snow but on the plus side…I can fish afterall. Progress I suppose!

Addendum: a little off-topic but I am always trying to repurpose items and this was no exception. I found an old pair of safety glasses that had a neoprene cover and decided to make that into a super small pouch that holds two Walmart bags for the trash round-ups I always do.

I turned the neoprene sleeve inside out and used my Juki to sew one end shut. Super simple.
Clips onto my fishing bag. Low-profile and compact. Works well.

Thanks for reading…

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