Why I Don’t Own a Boat…

It’s because of the expense…pure and simple. I think the prices for boats are ridiculous. And I’d have to purchase a vehicle to tow it.

I’ve owned boats in the past and always enjoyed tinkering with them. Doing modifications and making them more efficient for my needs.

I look at my friends new boat and the new vehicle he bought to tow it and I just can’t justify that kind of expense at this point of my life. I don’t even want to go fishing with him in it. Multiple fish finders front and back and I can see him staring at the locator all day like people are glued to their cellphones. No thanks. I jokingly asked him how much that first bass was going to cost and received a death glare in response.

And since we tend to fish on the weekends, the lakes are way too crowded and it seems like there is a tournament of some sorts every weekend as well. I have no desire to do 60mph across a choppy lake or deal with the “cluster****” that we call boat ramps.

And with the unpredictable weather we have here…if I owned a boat, I’m sure it would sit unused more than I’d like.

I’ll stick to wading streams and rivers wherever I can find them. It’s less crowded, more quiet and slower paced.

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