More Practice…

This morning I got out early and started practicing my fly casting. I feel that one can never practice enough. And since there was very little wind this early in the day, why not practice?

I started with a Fenwick Fenlite 5wt which is a fast action rod. I do not feel that my casting ability is up to the level where I can achieve the full benefits of a rod like this. So I switched over to a Redington Classic Trout 9ft 5wt which has a medium fast action that is more suited to my casting style.

I am really beginning to like this rod.

And before anyone starts calling me out on practicing over gravel…it’s the straightest, most open place I have to practice on. Also, I don’t throw out my old fly lines, but rather save them for practice use.

Remembering the lessons my Dad taught me when first learning to cast…I set up a feed bucket and began practicing. To me, accuracy is more important than distance so I focus on that. In time I will increase the distance.

First distance is 30ft…I moved up to take the picture.

After about 30 minutes I was able to put approximately 3 out of 10 casts into the bucket. The rest were either over and past or right beside. I am trying to focus on accuracy, minimal effort and consistency.


I’ve probably watched every Lefty Kreh casting video on YouTube which to me is a good thing. That legend could CAST. But everybody is different so it takes time to develop a style you are consistent and happy with which is why practice is so important. I hope to take what I learn to the river and fine tune it some more.

And I agree with Lefty… “clocks are for telling time”


  1. darrelln09 says:

    I like a medium- or medium-fast rod myself. I tend to rush with a fast-action rod in order to get it to load up. At least that’s how it feels to me. I think they would only be suitable for heavier line that would load them more naturally.


  2. jeffcp says:

    I agree completely. I feel rushed using a fast action and it destroys my tempo. I may try overlining the rod to see what that does. But I definitely cast better with the Fenwick Aetos or the Redington Classic Trout rods. Take care. Jeff

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