Fishing Art…

I was in the fishing room the other day and the wife came in and commented that the walls looked kind of plain. I have maps hanging to remind me of trips we’ve taken and routes we have traveled, but nothing really artistic. She suggested a few ideas and I agreed. She ended up ordering two shadow boxes containing flies from “Classic Fly Tying” and they arrived today. They have several different shadow box versions to choose from.

The Catskills Dry Fly Collection
Old Favorite Bass Fly Collection #1

These shadow boxes are done very well and will look amazing on the wall. I can see myself getting all of them in the future. If anyone is interested in purchasing items from the site, their web address is:

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon.


  1. darrelln09 says:

    Oh my heavens, what an outstanding testimony of my humble craft! I’m so thrilled that you like them. Certainly, everyone with a “fishing room” should have a set of these historic flies taken from old and very old fly fishing books. Thank you!

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    1. veloxseeker says:

      Kudos to you sir! Outstanding work and expect more orders from us! Spare bedroom=fishing room lol. But I will try hard to make it look better and these flies are just the ticket. Take care, Jeff and Cristy

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