Euro Nymphing Setup…

I ordered a euro nymphing specific fly line this week and it arrived on Friday. It is the Rio Euro Nymphing FIPS #2-#5 line.

I also have both the RIO Shorty and the Scientific Anglers ESN kit so I can keep my standard fly line if conditions warrant its use. I have a 3wt WF fly line on my Danielsson LW4 reel with the Rio Shorty installed. I’ll just carry two reels in the event I want to fish dry flies or something. I plan on tieing up some leaders today with formulas I’ve found online. I’d be curious to hear what others are using, so if you want to leave a comment please do.

I am excited to try these out but with the recent weather we’ve had, I might be delayed. For the RIO ESN FIPS line, I wanted to try the Danielsson F3W 2six reel so I put the main line on that reel.

Danielsson reels are an incredible value
Danielsson F3W 2 six-FULL CAGE!

I also ordered some nymphs from Fulling Mill but those won’t arrive until next week. I chose some Perdigons, Duracells, Coca Colas, Okie Dokies, Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears as well as a few jig streamers.

We have had two serious Tornado Watches in the past few days as well as thunderstorms, rain and yes…more wind. I don’t ever remember a Spring that has been this windy. We’ve been keeping an eye on stream conditions as well.

At least the levels go down quickly.

It’s somewhat frustrating to get some new gear and wanting to test it out right away, but Mother Nature has her own plans and I have to react accordingly. Patience is the order of the day and since it rained last night…maybe we can get onto the water by Sunday.

Thanks for reading!


  1. darrelln09 says:

    Here’s my formula for a “medium” weight Euro Nymphing leader. I have a lighter formula and a few heavier formulas but this is the one I use most often for small to medium sized streams. (I have a table that I could send you for the whole lot.)

    15 lb. Maxima Chameleon – 5 ft
    12 lb. Maxima Chameleon – 10 ft
    2mm Rio Trout Tippet Ring
    10 lb. Stren Original Hi-Vis Gold – 1 ft
    8 lb. Sunset Amnesia Red – 1 ft
    8 lb. Sunset Amnesia Green – 1 ft
    7 lb. Hanak Bicolour Indicator Tippet – 2 ft
    2mm Rio Trout Tippet Ring
    5X Rio Fluoroflex+ Tippet – 5 ft
    5X Rio Fluoroflex+ Tippet – 6 in (tag dropper)

    I can easily adjust the lengths of the Maxima to make sure some of my Euro Nymphing fly line is exposed for stripping it.

    These are the knots I use.
    1. Perfection Loop – at the top
    2. Blood Knot – at all the intermediate line connections
    3. Uni Knot – at all the tippet ring connections
    4. Triple Surgeons Knot – at the tag dropper
    5. Improved Clinch Knot – at the flies

    What I usually do is tie up the indicator sections with tippet rings at both ends, mark them with black marker stripes so I know the size, and coil them up in a little plastic bag. Then at the water I just pull a length of Maxima suitable for the stream size, tie on an indicator section, and then rig up the fluorocarbon tippet with my flies.

    This works for me anyway …


    1. veloxseeker says:

      Thank you for leader formula, I will have to try that.
      Currently I’m testing 10ft of 20# Chameleon down to 5ft of 10# Chameleon. Next is a foot of 15# red Amnesia and a foot of 15# green Amnesia to a 2mm tippet ring. Then I tie on a tippet of 6ft of 5X. Probably not ideal but I’m wanting to throw jig streamers with a Perdigon or similar dropper. The beauty of tying our own leaders is we can fine tune it to what works best. I’ll definitely be experimenting. Take care, Jeff

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      1. darrelln09 says:

        Your formula is a lot like my “Heavy” version although I step my Chameleon down to only 15# because of the 15# Amnesia. That made sense to me but since there’s a tippet ring between them it should be fine to step from 10# back up to 15#. I really do like my Uni Knots on my tippet rings. They are strong, set very straight and the tag can be cut off very close.


      2. veloxseeker says:

        I was worried about creating a hinge…and I just looked at my spools of Amnesia and they’re 12# rather than 15# so it’s not as bad as I thought. I’ll have to do some more thinking on this leader idea. But for no bigger than the Velox are…your formula makes more sense. I’ll just have to buy some lighter Amnesia.


      3. darrelln09 says:

        The 12# Amnesia should be fine. I use 10# on my heavy leaders. You may just want to get some 12# Chameleon so you don’t have to step up.

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  2. darrelln09 says:

    Oh geez. I see it reformatted and took out all my line spacings.


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