In hindsight, on my last post the title seems a bit dubious. I just wanted to clarify that it really wasn’t an abject failure and I plan to continue to learn the Euro nymphing method.

Anytime I’m able to get out and fish is a WIN to me. And if I’m able to learn something new, it’s even better. I’m not going to make excuses for my poor choice of words and I should have slowed down and put more thought into the title. I just didn’t catch any fish on the nymphing rod and was kind of bummed. Lesson learned. I was going to change the title but have decided to let it stand.

And interestingly enough, I didn’t get frustrated while attempting to learn how to Euro nymph! Quite the opposite. It was actually quite fun and it brought out my “inner nerd” as I contemplated how to get better and what I needed to change. I just need to adapt this style to the type of smallmouth fishing we do.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. Sincerely, Velox Seeker

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