2nd Lt. Miller…

Yesterday we had the privelege of attending the commissioning ceremony for one of our Eagle Scouts and a family friend.

This young man recently graduated college and received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

We have watched this young man grow through the years into what he has become today.

The picture below doesn’t tell the story of a trip with young Scouts to the Boundary Waters. Some of them were too young in fact, and the older Scouts had to carry the majority of the load. And they did it without complaining or making judgements. They just did what needed to be done to make the trip a success. It is that attitude that helps make a person successful in life.

I was fortunate enough to welcome this young man into the Eagle Scout community, and now being able to welcome him into the US Military community.

Pinning the gold bars on
Thanking everyone who helped him on his journey

I wish this young officer all the best on his career path and a bright future. I am positive that he will be an asset to the Marine Corps and will serve his country well.

Semper Fi Marine and Godspeed.

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