2022 has been a weird year in regards to weather. We really didn’t have much of a Spring season here in Oklahoma. I’m sure a lot of other places experienced the same thing or worse. We’ve had many more days over 100F than I ever remember and we’re still experiencing those temperatures this late into September.

Like several other places, we need some rain. We haven’t had any meaningful amounts in months. Our vegetable garden has not produced much in the way of food all summer. In fact, we are just now beginning to see tomatoes on the plants. Even our Okra, which usually does well in sun and heat has suffered and is only about 24 inches tall, which is odd.

Our fishing has suffered as well due to high temperatures as well as low water conditions. Fortunately the Velox is a resilient species and we hope they continue to thrive.

We did manage to complete one of our projects and that was getting a solar power system out to the barn and shed. It is a small scale system at the moment but we will expand it as funds are available. I was tired of running extension cables out there to do any work. I still need to get a pure sine wave inverter and one more battery but I can at least charge tool batteries and have lighting out there. It’s a start at least and moving incrementally forward is still better than going in reverse. Solar is far from perfect, but maybe it will help in some small part.

As stated before, I am not a climatologist and have refrained from making statements or announcing my “position” because I don’t have all of the data. But just by using pure observational skills, it is clear that something isn’t quite normal. We already try to reduce or conserve what we can and with the supply chain issues around the globe, this situation can and may get more “interesting.” And I am sure it will probably impact our fishing even more. Time will tell.

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