Reasons That I Like Being In My 50’s…

Reflection is a big deal to me. How else would I learn from my mistakes or realize that I should be grateful?

Being in my 50’s allows me to see things more clearly and make decisions based on life experiences. I don’t worry about what other people think of me and I don’t compete with anyone but myself. I find that I am content and try to be humble in my daily life. I have nothing to prove and fully enjoy just being at peace with myself. And that has a huge impact on my style of fishing. We’ve blanked several times and I could care less. It is always good just to get out.

I don’t subscribe to the “Alpha Male Fallacy” (read David Mech and Marlene Zuk for a dose of reality) preferring instead to be more like Benjamin Martin in the movie The Patriot. I will not stand in public beating my chest boasting about how great I am, but when it comes time to stand up and be counted I will be there. Granted, we are all captive in one way or another. How we mitigate that is most important.

More importantly, I enjoy seeing my children flourish in their lives and careers. We are also expecting our second Grandchild soon and couldn’t be more delighted. We help where we can and give advice when asked.

The more I embrace my age, the more I can embrace a semblance of freedom. Instead of dwelling fully on the past I look forward to the future so I can continue to grow as an individual. I’m not sure when altruism became a form of weakness, but I wholeheartedly reject that position. Being a decent human being is crucial to moving forward.

Be kind, be humble, help others and enjoy your time doing what you love. That is exactly how we fish! From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend a THANK YOU to each and everyone who has visited this blog. Here’s to a GREAT 2023 to all of you! Cheers

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