April Fool’s Day Outing…

After working overtime this past week and not even seeing the sun for 3 days…I had to go fishing. Friday the temperature reached 82F and the winds were blowing 35mph plus. Saturdays forecast was calling for cooler temperatures and only 5-10mph winds. It seemed like the perfect day to go fish one of the rivers.

As you can tell from the pictures above…we were bundled up more than usual as the temperature was 45F and the winds were around 18-20mph. We stepped into the river at around 0730 and we were both shivering. Once the sun was fully up, it wasn’t too bad as long as you kept moving. Even Zip would start shivering if her and I stopped to talk and make a game plan.

We stopped at 2 places along the river. The first was quite a bit further upstream and we wanted to see if the smallmouth were active or even if some sand bass were that far up during their spring spawn. We didn’t see any fish nor did we catch anything but a chill.

Second stop was much the same except a lot windier. We fished upstream about a half mile and about a mile and a half downstream without so much as a bite. Water temperature was holding at 52F so we were a bit early this year. With time being limited and opportunities being rare…we took the chance.

We ended up taking the scenic way home since we quit fishing at about 1030. My pedometer showed we covered about 4.86 miles so at least we managed to get some exercise. I will add this entry into the fishing journal for future reference so eventually perhaps, a pattern will develop.

Sorry there are no fish pictures in this post but it was out of my control. We did manage to test a new rod and 2 new reels so that’s always a plus. It’s fun to keep trying to get our setups dialed in and both of us are pretty satisfied with where we are at.

Thanks for reading and we hope to have some fish pictures in the near future!.

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