The Stoves We Use…

I thought I would share a few of the stoves that we use.

First up is the cook system I carry with me when I am fishing. Everything fits inside a TOAKS Titanium 750ml Mug. The kit includes a 100 gram isobutane canister, a Jet Boil canister stand, a Fire Maple 300T stove, a mini-Bic lighter, some coffee singles and a Snow Peak silicone “Hot Lips” guard. Anytime I feel like having coffee or tea, I pull this out and fix a cup on the stream bank.

The stove we carried on our Boundary Waters trip was the Kovea Spider KB-1109 which is a remote canister stove with a pre-heat tube which allows you to invert the canister for use in cold temperatures. It has a relatively small burner head which we noticed was a negative when using a 2L GSI kettle. It took a long time to boil water for meals or coffee and used more fuel than anticpated during the trip.

Upon my return from the trip I began trying to come up with a solution to our issue. Eventually I decided on a multi-prong approach which incorporated a Bulin 1.6L kettle with a built-in heat exchanger, a stove with a larger burner head, a windscreen and an adapter.

I do not like using windscreens with stoves that mount directly on top of a fuel canister…I’ve seen the results firsthand when a canister overheats and detonates. We have several stoves of this type so I began looking at options and adapters.

What I discovered on Amazon was an adapter system made by Camping Moon that did exactly what I had in mind. It basically converts your upright canister stove into a remote canister stove.

Soto Amicus upright canister stove.
Camping Moon Z23-OD adapter.

We have a few different upright canister stoves from when we used to backpack. I plan on playing around with them to see which one will work best for us. So far I have been impressed with the Z23 adapter. It is CNC machined and very well made. Being able to run two stoves or a stove and a lantern is a neat feature. It adds some weight to the system but I think it is worth it. We are also looking at reducing the size of our camp kitchen gear as well. Size and weight will be our main focus so stay tuned for that blog post coming in the near future.

I hope you found this interesting.