Links That Keep Me Going…

I thought I would share a few links from businesses and YouTube channels that specialize in JDM fishing gear, or fishing in general. During the “winter doldrums” these links keep me fired up.

As much as I detest YouTube…I will add some channels that I enjoy in spite of the “experts” in the comment sections!


-Enjoy Fishing Channel



-27 mojo

-Threadline Angler

-Hobie-Wan Kenobi


-RoKKiT Kit

-Henry Gilbey

-Gido’s Fishing Adventures

-Lanix Fishing Channel

These are just a few that I regularly watch. I enjoy several different forms of fishing and I like to see “how it’s done” in various parts of the world. And now for the Ubiquitous Disclaimer: I do not sell anything, make commissions from, or have sponsorships from any of the above. They are merely links for the sake of information.