Outing 15APR2023…

Time was of the essence today. The weather forecast called for winds out of the WNW at 25mph with gusts over 35mph starting at around 11am. We were at the local lake by 0830 and were into the fish right away.

We managed to catch 6 fish total, 3 Largemouth Bass, 2 Crappie and 1 Perch. I’m sure we could have caught more but I stopped fishing to pick up trash and ended up talking to another fisherman for almost 2 hours.

Truth be told, the real reason we went to the local lake was two-fold, 1) to test out two new rods and 2) to find out if the fish had moved up and started spawning. The Largemouth Bass were indeed on the beds and starting to spawn. We will avoid them for the next 2 weeks and let them propagate the species. I am not so sure what the Crappie are doing because their bites were so subtle that I couldn’t tell if they were guarding nests or not. Our temperatures here have been in the low 40’sF at night until this past week where they climbed up into the upper 50’sF and low 60’sF with daytime highs in the 70’sF and 80’sF. With that data I figured the fish would be biting and was correct.

Her new TenRyu rod. The TenRyu Rayz Spectra RZS61LL.

I bought her a TenRyu Rayz Spectra RZS61LL rod for an early wedding anniversary present. And she ended up buying me a TenRyu Rayz RZ632S-L rod for the same reason. Crazy I know, but that’s how we are!

TenRyu Rayz 632S-L with a 2022 Daiwa Exist LT 2000

We are unabashed TenRyu fans and now have a pretty good spread for various situations we find ourselves in. She has a TenRyu Rayz RZ6102S-LML which is a bit too much for most of what we do and had shown interest in a lighter action rod. I have the TenRyu Rayz Spectra RZ51LL so figured the 6ft 1in version would be ideal for her. She absolutely loved this rod and I could tell while fishing this afternoon that it would be a keeper. Meanwhile, I had the 5ft 1in and a 6ft 10in TenRyu Lunakia ( which is a great Sand Bass rod) and wanted something a little longer than the 51LL rod so she got me the 6ft 3in rod. Since it is almost always windy in Oklahoma, I wanted a rod that could punch into the wind and this proved to be the case this afternoon.

Although I am not a huge fan of cork…TenRyu gets it right.

It was a good day to get out and fish for sure. But we have a neverending list of chores we have to do so we left the lake around noon. We made a quick run over to our favorite garden lady and bought 8 heirloom tomato plants from her and planted those in our garden. The potatoes are already up and growing so hopefully we will have some homegrown vegetables and produce this year.

Anyway, I’m going to close here as I feel like I’m rambling and I’m sure nobody wants a play-by-play from us lol. Take care and THANKS for reading.