Is This a Fishing Blog or Not?…

I know my blog is primarily about fishing, but unfortunately I cannot fish 24/7 and provide my intended content. I work full-time and have a family so I create other content for this blog.

Sometimes the additional content will be somewhat political, philosophical, nature oriented, contain life stories or whatnot. I do this NOT to be controversial or to get views…it’s simply me sharing ideas, concepts, thoughts or various and sundry other things.

I do appreciate EVERY view or comment or like, but my overarching goal is to just share things. I learn something from each blog post and continually strive to improve in all aspects. I hope you bear with me during the coming winter months as fishing will be difficult to say the least. But I try hard to keep this blog active and will continue to do so. I have several ideas for future blog posts and will share them when they come to fruition.