Our Elders…the Missing Link?

I was speaking to a friend the other day and he was lamenting the fact that he feels abandoned by his parents. For reference, this guy has a family, has his own home and is doing well. His parents sold everything and moved to Florida unannounced. Personally, I don’t have a problem with their decision per se, but what baffled me is that his folks just disconnected from the family. They want to just enjoy their remaining days and cannot be bothered with anything else.

My point to this blog post is that traditionally we have looked to our elders for wisdom and guidance. If they just disconnect, we lose that. We know they have had rough times in their lives and can give us perspective on said occurrences. Especially now, in these seemingly tumultuous times…we NEED them.

Personally, I have heard the excuses. “I’m too old” or “I’m tired” or “nobody wants to hear what we have to say.” Yet, I think we need to hear their perspective and the wisdom they can share. I know it seems like the current culture wants the adults to sit down and shut up, but we know better. We were taught to respect our elders and should continue to do so. 80 years of life experience is valuable and should be shared to any and all who are struggling. Seriously…would you take marriage advice from someone married twice in 10 years or someone who has been married for 60 years?

The buzzwords of discrimination ( OK Boomer ), inclusivity ( they created the problem ) and diversity ( they’re too old to be relevant ) seem farcical when compared to the actual dialogue going on in todays society. The fact is that we are ALL guilty to some extent and we ALL need some guidance and wisdom.

So the message to our Elders is that we need you and value your experience and to please share what you can. You are still valuable, have purpose and are appreciated.

Happy Holidays and remember your Elders…

Temper Tantrum Tuesday

Sometimes I get something stuck in my “craw” and can’t let it go.

I received several emails today from Outdoor Retail Companies professing to have Super Duper Holy Smokes Gee Whiz sales. It being close to Valentines Day, I decided something for the wife was in order. Forget it! What a complete and utter CROCK!!!

Seriously folks? I clicked the tab for Women’s Apparel and started perusing through looking for something that the wife might like. Aha! There’s something! NOPE. Only size was XX-Small…and the color options??? They looked like carpet remnants from the 70’s. Shoes? HA! Maybe if you wore a size 5!

Get real people!!! It’s not a “SALE!”…or even a “Spring Sale!” Who are you kidding? It’s February! The reality is (as I see it) that they’re trying to get rid of the “dreks” and “un-sellable stuff” that’s in their inventory. Needless to say…I unsubscribe from EVERY site that tries to pull that crap. The worst offenders are the ones you see where it says: “In Stock” and you get all excited only to find out they LIED. It’s backordered indefinitely. Do they honestly think I’m going to keep shopping for something else? Buh-bye

And then there’s COVID. A detestable virus AND the greatest excuse EVER. Seems to me that businesses are blaming every little hiccup on COVID rather than pointing the finger at themselves. Nothing I can do about that but add to my list of businesses to avoid in the future.

Anyway, I could go on and on but I won’t. I have to send out a search party for my missing fishing rod that was supposed to be delivered Monday. I’m thinking the carrier pigeon froze to death and crashed. The Regional facility is only 26 miles away and its been in transit for 2 days. That should narrow the search pattern down. USPS….YOU SUCK! End of rant.

Everybody else, stay warm and stay safe…

P.S. If you think I’m being too harsh on the USPS, consider this… I ordered 2 rods on the same day…one from New York and the other from Japan. I’m staring at the one from Japan. And before you go blaming the weather, I have an hour long commute each way, I’m driving in the same conditions because I have a job to do as well. Something to ponder.