River View Cabins, Oden Arkansas…

With it being “hell hot” we opted to rent a cabin on this trip. We had been watching a YouTube channel named Dome Life and they had stayed at these cabins. We were curious about the Ouachita River so took their advice and chose this place to base our exploration forays out of. Included in this blog post are pictures from Cabin #11 which is a 2-person cabin. They have cabins that run the gamut from 2-people up to 16-24 people if I recall correctly. I will include a link to their website for those who are interested.

Cabin #11
3/4 wrap-around deck
Kitchen Area
All you need to bring is food!
The jacuzzi was a blessing after a day of canoeing or fishing!
Queen size bed!
Fire place and entertainment center. We watched movies during the evening hours. I brought 2 thumb drives full of movies so it was plug-and-play.

I’m normally not one for staying in fancy places. I much prefer to rough it and go on the cheap. However, the A/C was REALLY nice and worth it to us. Plus, staying in a cabin means we didn’t have to bring as much gear with us and gave us a comfortable base to explore the area.

River View Cabins and Canoes-Oden Arkansas website: http://www.riverviewcabins-canoes.com