Went For A Drive Today (9OCT2021)…

Some of you may know that my wife drives a Subaru Forester, the green one we drive on most of our excursions. Hers has Method MR502 Rally rims with Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires which make it more suitable for driving to the places we like to go. I also drive a Subaru Forester that is silver. We’ve been saving up for months to add those same rims and tires to my vehicle. So after having them put on last week, we decided to take mine on an outing for its first trip.

We set a leisurely schedule without any firm itinerary. It’s been a rough week for both us and we wanted to relax. We had never been on most of these roads and it was fun to see “new” areas.

North End of Skiatook Lake
As the day progressed and the heat increased, so to did the wind.
In Kansas driving on Bronco Road.
Interesting scenery…at least we thought so

As we were driving down Bronco Road heading East to Caney, Kansas…I noticed a huge patch of Equisetum. I was pretty excited, but I’m a nerd.

Equisetum arvense…the “living fossil!”
A huge patch of it!

Equisetum is the only living genus of the Equisetaceae family. A vascular plant that reproduces via spores. This particular species has been around since the Jurassic Era! Now you know…

We had a great time together and returned home at a decent hour so we could still get all of the chores done despite the temps being back into the mid-90F’s.

I’m still working my way through the camera manual and trying to learn all of the features this camera has. I hope to share some more photos in the near future so stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading.