Spin-Fishermen Don’t Get Any Love…

I was at a bookstore the other day and was browsing through the fishing magazines and noticed that there wasn’t much coverage of people fishing with spinning gear. There weren’t any glamour shots of exotic destinations where they were using spinning rods. It was all about fly fishing and a few about bass anglers. To be fair, there were one or two magazine articles showing guys with spinning gear but they were half a world away and out at sea fishing for pelagics. That’s cool and all, but I live almost smack dab in the center of the United States. But at least it was something!

I have searched the Web and have occasionally run across blogs or posts that tout the virtues of spinning gear but they are few and far between. It just seems bizarre that there aren’t any magazines focused on the topic of fishing with spinning tackle.

I know ultralight fishing is huge in large parts of the world such as Europe, Russia and Japan and gaining traction in the US. Bait Finesse Style is gaining in popularity as well. I know for a fact that there are fisherman wading streams and using spinning gear! But still, every publication seems overshadowed by fly fishing. It would be nice to see at least an E-zine covering the sport.

I have nothing against fly fishing, in fact I fly fish myself. However, there are times when I much prefer using spinning gear and it is very effective. It could be that I live in a state that is very windy and therefore throwing a fly can be extremely frustrating. When that occurs I always reach for my spinning gear rather than packing up and going home.

Who knows…maybe I’m just whining, maybe I’m just hoping that spinning tackle will start to get the coverage it deserves. Or it could be that I need to dig deeper on the web. If anyone knows of a good blog or something please leave a comment.

Maybe I’ll start a Chapter of the STEA…Spin Tackle Enthusiasts Anonymous.

After all, I rarely see fishermen showing off their spinning gear and having conversations about it. Are we ashamed? Are we supposed to stay in the shadows? I think not!