“My Precious” Finally Arrived!

This is just a quick photo of the reel seat. It NEEDS to be photographed by none other than Mr. Henry Gilbey to do it the proper justice it deserves.

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce to you…the TenRyu 2018 Lunakia LK610S-MLT rod from Japan!

She is absolutely gorgeous! The Nishijin weave in carbon fiber that comprises the reel seat is spectacular. It possesses the Carbon Nano Tube Technology and weighs a sultry 2 ounces. It’s 6ft 10in long and has the Magna Flex Tip, which is new to me.

The flex and action on this little beauty will be perfect for the stream fishing I do. So why did I buy it? As a present to myself since I’m turning 50 soon. I’m sure my friends will buy me all of the usual gag gifts…Depends, a cane, Mr. Magoo glasses etc. But sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.

This is such a high quality rod, the nicest I’ve ever owned. I asked Randy G (TroutMagnetMan over on YouTube) via email whether he thought it was a good choice for my type of fishing. His response was a resounding “YES!”

I’m not selling anything but if you’re interested, I found it on http://www.finesse-fishing.com. Mr. Stewart ships extremely fast and has good prices on Japan Domestic Market fishing items.

Also, from what I can gather, TroutMagnetMan is the de facto expert on JDM Ultra Light fishing rods here in the US. Every rod type from SUL, XUL, UL, LL, L, ML etc., he shows on his YT channel. Well worth a look…