YES. We actually tried these!!!


At the time, we thought these might be perfect for the trips we were taking. Throw them in a pack, drive or hike to an out-of-the-way fishing spot and go at it. The thought behind it was a small package, decent componentry and we could keep a reel attached and the line rigged up.

YES, we caught fish and some of them were BIG (8lb Spotted Bass-the Wife). I’m still jealous of the fish she caught…but I had to man the trolling motor to help fight the fish!

I have no idea what the blanks are made of. It could be glass with a “carbon fiber sticker” for all I know. The reel seats were metal but picky when it came to reel feet. Oh, and the action… DEAD AS DISCO!

I remember we were fishing a stretch of a river and I was catching fish left and right…she was not, and not happy! So I “took a break” and handed her my rod and she was into fish on the first cast. I dinked around with her setup and I couldn’t feel ANYTHING. The reel was so squeaky that birds on the shore were answering to my handle turns. Ugh.

To make a long story short, we stopped for dinner before driving home and I promptly ordered her a St. Croix Triumph Travel rod exactly like mine and a Daiwa BG 2000 to go with it. She’s been kicking my arse ever since!

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