A Package From Digitaka Arrived Today…

The other day I was searching through Digitaka’s site and ran across a reel that piqued my interest. It was the Daiwa 2020 Gekkabijin X LT 1000S-P spinning reel. The price was 12,780 yen which equates to $121.67 usd which isn’t bad since this reel is Magsealed. It shows that it was manufactured in Vietnam. It has 5+1 ball bearings and holds 200m of PE# 0.3 braid, or 100m of 2.5lb nylon, and the weight is 195g or approximately 6.9 oz. I have been wanting to try a reel with Magseal to see what all the hype is about.

NOTE: For anyone not familiar with some of the reel designations, the “S” in 1000S-P means it is a shallow spool.

I have heard great reports about Varivas line and opted to try some while I was at the Digitaka site. IT’S PRICEY! For a 75m spool of the Infinity Area Super Trout PE x8 rated at 5.6lb it cost me 4,320 yen or $41.13 usd. That hurt! Probably why almost all of the 1000 size reels I see for the JDM market are shallow spools…but who knows, maybe they just don’t need to make long casts. We will see how it works out. I’ve got my fingers crossed…

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