The Danielsson LW4seven Fly Reel…one of my Favorites.

Danielsson fly reels are well known in Sweden where they are made. Here in the US, not many people are familiar with them and that is a real shame. These reels are impeccably made and priced affordably.

I am not sure if the LW4seven is being made anymore but it is one of my all time favorite reels to use. It’s a good looking reel and lets be honest here…nobody wants an ugly reel!

I have fished with it for a few years now and love it. It’s durable and well made and a joy to fish with. I have an eye for aesthetics and as such I am particular about what I buy. That being said, I am not a salesman and I’m definitely not sponsored. However, I would like to add a link to Danielsson’s website so you can see for yourself!

Fly Reels & Fly Fishing Reels – Danielsson Flyreels (

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