My Current Quiver of Fly Rods…

I was tempted to do a group photo but just couldn’t get a good enough picture to really show the level of detail I wanted to convey. So, we’ll just show them one at a time…

Moonshine Drifter 9ft 5wt with Sage Trout 4/5/6 reel.
Fenwick Aetos 9ft 5wt with Nautilus XM 4/5 reel
Loop Xact 9ft 5wt with Loop Opti Dryfly reel
Fenwick Fenlite 9ft 5wt with Danielsson LW 4seven reel
Echo Ion XL 9ft 6wt with Galvan Rush LT reel
Loop Q 9ft 8wt with Danielsson L5W 6nine reel

Yes, I do actually use all of these. The 6wt is for throwing streamers or when its windy. The 8wt is for bass or pike. The 5wt’s are for general use and I just pick one that I’d like to fish with for the day.

That being said…I am not getting on with 2 of the rods. The Moonshine Drifter and the Fenwick Fenlite. They just don’t suit my casting style so I may move them on down the line. I have an old 2-piece Okuma Magnitude 9ft 5wt I bought years ago just to have a practice rod and it casts better than the Drifter or Fenlite. The others I really like. I just wish we had a decent fly shop locally. Everything is 2 hours away or more.

Also, and I’m probably going to anger some folks, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to the Loop Opti reels. In my humble opinion, the Danielsson reels are better made at a cheaper price. Fit and finish is of a higher quality too.

I have a couple of other reels that I didn’t show because I don’t have rods for them. They are a Hardy Marquis LWT 4wt reel, Danielsson Dryfly 5wt reel, a Loop Q 5wt reel and a Danielsson F3W 2six 4wt reel.

I am chomping at the bit to hit some streams soon and am really wanting to fly fish them. Hopefully the weather stabilizes soon…

Some More Danielsson Fly Reels!

My photography skills cannot do these reels justice. I have spent very little time fishing these two reels due to COVID restrictions but I’m hoping to rectify that in 2021.

The Danielsson Dryfly is part of the Original series and might look familiar to some…think Loop. I’m not going to get into the history of that here. The Dryfly is a fun reel to fish with, and is super simple to use. It’s kind of a mash-up of “old school meets high tech” I suppose. For drag…you palm the spool.

The Danielsson F3W 2six is an update/upgrade to the LW4seven series of reels and as such has a really nice adjustable drag system that can be set by the user. Danielsson has a YouTube series on doing just that.

I highly recommend checking out the Danielsson website.

Fly Reels & Fly Fishing Reels – Danielsson Flyreels (

The Danielsson LW4seven Fly Reel…one of my Favorites.

Danielsson fly reels are well known in Sweden where they are made. Here in the US, not many people are familiar with them and that is a real shame. These reels are impeccably made and priced affordably.

I am not sure if the LW4seven is being made anymore but it is one of my all time favorite reels to use. It’s a good looking reel and lets be honest here…nobody wants an ugly reel!

I have fished with it for a few years now and love it. It’s durable and well made and a joy to fish with. I have an eye for aesthetics and as such I am particular about what I buy. That being said, I am not a salesman and I’m definitely not sponsored. However, I would like to add a link to Danielsson’s website so you can see for yourself!

Fly Reels & Fly Fishing Reels – Danielsson Flyreels (