The Black-capped Chickadee…

I have a fondness for the Black-capped Chickadee. I am not a “birder” per se, but I do observe nature quite often.

This little bird is a “beast” if I do say so. And they are quite the characters I might add.

We have a bird feeder that we stock during the winter months. We also hang a suet feeder to supplement their diet.

During the heart of the recent winter storm when the snow was blowing, the wind howling and the temperatures were plummeting…these little guys were at the feeder. I was safely ensconced in a chair by the fire while they were “out in it.” I had a choice, they didn’t.

I would observe them taking turns flying up to the feeder. One would start “shoveling” seed out of the feeder and onto the ground where the other birds were gathered and waiting. This went on for hours.

When the feeder was empty, one would show up on the porch railing, raising all kinds of hell. Then we’d venture out and refill the feeder and things would quiet down. Nature’s comedy I suppose.

I like to think they are “grateful” but I don’t speak Chickadee. I’m not bothered by filling the feeder for these “tough guys” at all, even though they can be demanding. We help out when and where we can…like we’re supposed to do in our role as stewards.

Something to ponder….

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