The Thin Blue Line…

This is just a random image I found on the web.

But that’s generally how it starts for us. Sometimes when we are driving we will notice streams along the road and make a mental note for later.

We do a lot of exploration, whether in a vehicle or on foot. I call it the “Exploring Gene” because I am always curious as to what’s down this particular road or around the next bend. Invariably, there is water close by in some way, shape or form.

Eventually, we take those mental notes and begin researching for possibilities. We use mapping software to zoom in and out to determine if an area is interesting enough to plan a fishing trip. With technology at your fingertips, it’s easy to drop a pin and mark locations.

We are not naïve enough to think we will discover something no one else has, but it’s new for us and that has its own thrill to it. The fact that “we’ve” never been there has its own charm to it and makes it special and memorable.

And as the process develops, we begin to see the larger aspect to it all. It evolves from an idea, then to a 2 dimensional piece of paper and ends up in a quiet stream nestled in a remote area. Realtime, high-definition, 3D adventure doing what we enjoy most.

It just takes effort…

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