The wife and I were talking over dinner last night. We were having an actual conversation rather than trading text messages across the table like some others.

The topic of winning the lottery came up. To me, it seems like a loaded debate, but it can be fun nonetheless.

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

I’d become an itinerant fisherman!

Of course, I’d probably build a better, more efficient house…but it would be more of a “home base” of sorts. A spot to come back to for rest and a recharge. Nothing fancy or McMansion-esque. A place to hang pictures and hold memories.

There are many places that I would love to fish throughout the world. Places seen in magazine photos that look extraordinary and epic.

I’m not the “glitzy social butterfly” type. You’d probably find me camped on a remote island having the time of my life. No lodges or room service, just immersed in Nature.

The reality of it is…it hurts my head thinking about all of the money and what to do with it. I’m not driven by money and it sure as hell doesn’t impress me.

I’d probably end up giving most of it away…that’s just how I’m wired.

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