These two jars contain all of the line I picked up while fishing in 2020. My journal shows 15 trips before COVID changed everything.

ANYTIME I come across line tangled in brush or what have you, I pick it up and put it in my pocket. I have done this for years and encourage EVERYONE to do it as well.

What I don’t have pictures of are the numerous trash bags the wife and I have filled up and brought home to dispose of. Beer cans and broken bottles and just general trash that people are TOO LAZY to pick up. It baffles me to no end. Seriously, you brought it here, take it home. It’s not that hard.

I’m calling out the bank fishermen! You’re PIGS! You leave tons of trash laying around your bank site and can’t be bothered to pick it up. You know who you are! I routinely run across your nightcrawler containers, your beer cans and water bottles, your snack trash, your tackle wrappers etc etc ad nauseum. Pick up your crap and dispose of it properly. LEAVE NO TRACE!

Pass the word, educate your fellow fishermen. Clean up our waters so other people don’t have to wade through your garbage just to fish. Leave it better than you found it. It’s pretty simple…STOP BEING LAZY!

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