Moving Some Gear on Down the Line…

As the wife and I were going through our fishing gear yesterday, we decided that we needed to move some rods and reels out. We have too many, especially ones we don’t use anymore.

I fired off a text to my best friend asking if he thought a certain someone might be interested. That certain someone is about to get married to my friends grand-daughter. So you know what that means…he is now a member of our little “Fishing Mafia.”

I have met the young man on several occasions and I have to admit, I’m impressed. He’s witty, with a similar type sense of humor, he’s well mannered and above all, he’s keen on fishing.

I know what it’s like to be a newlywed and fishing equipment is NEVER on the list of necessities. So we figured we’d help him out. There has to be around 12 rods and about 7 reels in this stack of stuff. Most are lightly used and a rod or two is brand new.

I prefer to give gear to younger folks to hopefully encourage them into the fishing hobby. More importantly, I prefer giving it to people who will USE it and I know he will. I have fished with him before and he seems to really enjoy it.

So off they go…to a good home where I know they will be used and appreciated. It’s a win-win for everybody. And I hope we get to fish together in the near future.

Pay It Forward…

I hope they have a great life together and a strong marriage with many, many years of happiness. That goes for the tackle as well… 🙂

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