10 Random Quotes…

This is definitely a weird time to be alive. I speak with many people each day and the common denominator seems to be fear and uncertainty. Encompassing the Left, Right and Center. I avoid “echo chambers” at all costs and believe that healthy, rational and logical debate is a means forward. I refuse to be afraid and I refuse to accept things at face value. That being said, I would like to share 10 quotes that I have been pondering over and over as of late…

I generally abhor politics. I blame politicians for most of the ills of the world. I am not a blank check or perpetual ATM where you can spend our money at will, but that’s how it seems these days. It is NOT about facts, it is about CONTROL. I remain steadfast in using logic, deductive reasoning, rational thought and scientific facts that have been thoroughly reviewed and tested and sourced. I question everything. And I refuse to be afraid.

I hope you find these quotes interesting or thought provoking. Continue to be a decent human being and stay safe out there…

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