Early Morning Hunt…

Fall is my favorite time of year and with a morning temperature of 27F and frost on the ground, I decided to hunt for rabbit. The wife opted to tag along to get some photos. So after hunting through an area I agreed to let her take pics. It felt weird to be honest…I just wanted to hunt, instead it felt like a fashion shoot or something. But seeing as how we are both learning photography and experimenting with light and composition I figured why not.

a Rabbit hangout

We saw plenty of Dove and Grey Squirrels but not a single Cottontail. Oh well, I still enjoy getting out on cool fall mornings.

I have a slant towards the nostalgic so I rarely wear camo clothing while hunting. I much prefer wool and cotton duck/canvas. At least for small game or upland species. I remember hearing about my Grandfather hunting rabbits with his single shot 16ga and his Beagles. I still have his J.C. Higgins shotgun! Some things don’t need to change I suppose.

Some people aren’t keen on hunting and I get it. But I much prefer wild game to anything that can be purchased in a store. Also, you will never see me do fist-pumps and jump up and down smiling after a kill. I much prefer to honor the quarry and give thanks to the Creator. Hunting and taking a life is a solemn and humble occasion. I take only what I need and nothing more…

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  1. Very nice. Great outing. Proud of you! Cold here. 16 degrees.


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